• Francesca Pick

    Francesca Pick

    Experimenting the future of organizations and collaborative governance @ Greaterthan, OuiShare & Enspiral. Co-founder OuiShareFest, steward of Cobudget.

  • Tama Rchika

    Tama Rchika

  • Anthony Cabraal

    Anthony Cabraal

    Words to help people trying to make the universe a better place.

  • Marta Amorós

    Marta Amorós

    Connecting people & ideas. My interests: change management, continuous learning, leadership, innovation, tech&music. #TheoryU practitioner

  • Asmaa Guedira

    Asmaa Guedira

    Nomad exploring inner and outer worlds. Working on system change, identity, belonging, gender and climate justice — linktr.ee/asmaaguedira

  • Miriam Moreno Change Navigator

    Miriam Moreno Change Navigator

    Organizational Transformation | Participatory Processes | New Organizational & Systems Models | Self-management | Online Culture — www.miriaminchange.com

  • Lynn Chiu

    Lynn Chiu

    I communicate science from a philosophical perspective. Researcher of living things that stay with the trouble. Communicator of risky interdisciplinary science.

  • Rosa Colilles

    Rosa Colilles

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