The Full Circle Leadership Model

I wrote this article in February 2020 right before the pandemic started, after that, and for the rest of the year I thought that this content was not relevant. I’ve been reflecting on this and exactly because the last year that we have had, the conversation on leadership is even more relevant and urgent than before. Here is a text on collective leadership, power dynamics and the power of conversations, based on an interview with Alanna Irving.

First of all, what is leadership? As a term used throughout capacity building industries and start-up jargon, “leadership” — at least to me…

our Tetrapod experiment

Manel Heredero and I started collaborating as a team in late 2017. The seeds for our first project together were planted in the Ouishare Summit of that same year. The Summit, our yearly Ouishare gathering, was held on that occasion in the countryside near Munich and it was hosted by the Ouishare Munich team, led by David and Sarah. That was a beautifully framed gathering, with great facilitation and hosting. They knew what they were doing and apart from being great professionals, they are great people too. …

My experience with the Full Circle Leadership Model

When I first read the post on the Full Circle Leadership model (FCL) what attracted me was the most obvious dimension it offers: a personal assessment tool based on eight types of leadership.

The eight types of leadership, FCL model, by Alanna Irving

As an opportunity to reflect on my personality I couldn’t help but to fill it up quickly — how I love personality tests… Seeing the results on the graph I had that feeling of personal reassurance, I felt understood and that counted, even if it came from a self-assessment tool.

These results were particularly relevant for me as the methodology gave me vocabulary to describe dimensions of…

Learnings on Community Building

In the Spring of 2018 a colleague and I were invited to give some collaboration workshops in Cuba for a collective of cultural entrepreneurs. We had a set of clear goals from the organiser, so we designed a three day workshop series (the time we were given) to foster an early-stage collaboration among the entrepreneurs.

The goal of this collective was not only to exchange information, but to really do something together in the mid-term. According to Plastrik et al. (“Connecting to change the world) there are three types of networks in the context of social impact / generative networks:


Ineffective meetings are a great factor of frustration at work. “Was that meeting really necessary?”,“Why was this meetings called? So that we’re told what to do?”, “I never say what I really think during team meetings”, “I never find the space to speak up” “We keep meeting and meeting, but we discuss the same every time”.

These are some common thoughts team members have regarding their meetings at work. It’s not only a lost opportunity to foster productive work; meetings are the occasions when teams get together. Shouldn’t that be the most fruitful time of all?

Meetings are the ideal…

Back in 2016 I was really pissed off with the world. I had been around several “social movements” or impact related networks and was quite deceived in seeing that we carried on many practices of our patriarchical society along with us.

And I’m not talking about the superficial type of inequality, of course, but the subtle power dynamics that are so embedded in our culture (both in men and women). When I asked about gender inequality in a given network, the answer I usually got was that the network was “post-gender” or that this issue did not play a very…

Photo credits: Bruno Martins on Unsplash

En 1787 el barco Bounty, de la marina real inglesa, zarpó de Portsmouth en un intrépido viaje para transportar árboles del pan de Tahití a Jamaica. El capitán de la embarcación, William Bligh, tenía un estilo de gestión que conocemos bien: comando y control. En su caso lo aplicaba al extremo; hasta que unos 2.000 km antes de llegar a Tahití, se produjo un motín en la tripulación del Bounty. Los rebeldes abandonaron al capitán y a su tripulación en medio del océano en una pequeña embarcación con las provisiones mínimas.

Dada la nueva situación, el objetivo de la tripulación…

¿Por y para qué se cruza una determinada persona en tu vida?

Era una bonita mañana de diciembre en Barcelona, el sol brillaba a través de las palmeras y yo estaba feliz de haber pasado una apasionada noche con un chico increíble. Inteligente, interesante, guapo a mi gusto y un poco pillo. Sí, una de mis flaquezas. En ese momento me daba igual si era a corto o podía plantearme un largo plazo, o eso creía yo. Otra de mis flaquezas, si alguien me gusta me encariño muy rápidamente.

Lo sorprendente de esa mañana pre-navideña fue que, por caprichos del destino, acabó en mis manos El Síndrome de Rebeca[1]. De una situación…

Alícia Trepat Pont

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